Hey, I'm Dan! I'm the CEO of Plus and a venture partner at Madrona. I write the DL, a newsletter about tech in the Pacific Northwest

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How to Sabotage Your Company

One of my favorite “mental models” is inversion. When you’re making a decision, instead of figuring out how to do something, figure out all the things you shouldn’t do and avoid them.


Quibi Quotes

If you haven’t downloaded Quibi yet… don’t worry about it. No one else has either. Despite raising $1.8B and launching with content from JLo, Lebron, and Steven Spielberg, they only have 1.3M active users...


Actual P&L from a Seattle Restaurant

The owner of Some Random Bar posted a very sobering video breaking down his restaurant’s economics during the quarantine and its prospects going forward. Some key stats:


What It's Like To Run Slack Right Now

Cool thread from Stewart Butterfield (CEO of Slack) on what it’s like to run a public company and make decisions on what to share on an earnings call during a crisis. Long-ish read, so here are some of the highlights:


Read this before starting a startup

One of last week’s top links on Hacker News was a post called I wasted $40k on a fantastic startup idea. It’s about one developer’s hard-earned lessons (nine months of work and $40K) on how to validate a Brilliant Startup Idea.