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Top DL articles of 2019

In case you want to spend your holidays reading about tech stuff (no judgment!), here are some of the top DL articles from the last year.

  • Seattle Unicorns - It’s been a great year for PNW unicorns, with Outreach, Auth0, Icertis, Assurance, and Vacasa all crossing the $1B mark. Here’s the full list of all 33 PNW unicorns founded since 1994 (when Amazon was started)
  • Starting a Startup from Microsoft - Fun fact: the CEOs of three of those newly minted PNW unicorns worked at Microsoft for at least seven years. Here’s an interview with Brian Saab, the CEO of Unearth, on why Microsoft is a great launch pad for founders
  • How much do people at tech companies make? - Data on how compensation in tech compares to investment banking, management consulting, law, and medicine
  • Venture deal roundups from June, July, August, September, October, and November. In case you’re looking for a new job in the new year, startups typically ramp up hiring after raising money, so these are good lists to start looking at!

And here are 2019’s most interesting articles according to how many of you clicked the links:

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