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+1 to the PNW Unicorn Tracker 🦄

The PNW got its newest unicorn last week, as Qumulo raised a $125M Series E at a $1.2B valuation! This is the 37th startup (according to The DL’s unicorn tracker) to reach a $1B+ valuation in the PNW.

Bill Richter, the CEO of Qumulo, wrote a LinkedIn post on what Qumulo does and how they have been able to succeed and grow despite the COVID pandemic. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Qumulo helps customers manage file-based data in multi-cloud environments
  • Qumulo manages 150B+ files, and the average Qumulo customer generates more than a petabyte of data (that’s 13 years of HD movies)
  • Historically, customers managed file data with proprietary hardware, but Qumulo’s software allows them to build and manage their file data-intensive apps in both their own data centers and the public cloud
  • Qumulo’s customers include IMHE, Shell, Hyundai, Capsilon, Progenity, Vexcel and Cinesite
  • BlackRock led this funding round, with participation from Madrona, Highland, Kleiner Perkins, and Amity Ventures

Congrats to the team at Qumulo!

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