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🧠 Brain computer interfaces

Last week at Madrona, we had a guest talk about brain computer interfaces with Rajesh Rao from UW. It’s fascinating to see the latest stuff in this field, so here are links to cool demos, products, and articles:

  • 🔗 “B2B” - Professor Rao’s experiment where he controls someone else’s hand using his direct brain-to-brain interface
  • 🤓 Smarter kids? - Chinese schools are using brain-wave trackers to make sure kids are paying attention in class
  • ✍️ WaitButWhy on Neuralink - My favorite blogger on why brain-computer interfaces are important for the future of humanity
  • 🎧 Halo Neuro - $400 headphones that use “a small electrical current” to help you learn faster (tell me if you buy them!)

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