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December 2019 PNW Venture Deals

Here are the PNW startups that announced new fundraising rounds in the month of December. These 22 companies raised $320M+ last month.

Series B and Later Rounds 🚀

  • Highspot - Sales enablement platform with content management, sales guidance, and buyer engagement - $75M Series D-1
  • General Fusion - Developer of fusion power generation systems - $65M Series E led by Temasek
  • Seeq - Advanced analytics for process manufacturing data - $24.2M round
  • Thoughtexchange - Employee, customer, and community crowdsourcing platform - $20M Series B led by Information Venture Partners
  • AbSci - All-in-one protein expression platform for ultra-high yield, streamlined protein production - $10.4M Series D
  • D-Wave - Developer of quantum computing technologies - $10M round led by NEC Corporation

Series A Rounds 🛫

  • Brains Bioceutical - Manufacturer of plant-based CBD - $30M round
  • RareCyte - End-to-end integrated platform for single cell analysis - $22M round led by HealthQuest Capital
  • HaptX - Provider of realistic haptic technology for virtual reality - $12M Series A led by Mason Avenue Investments
  • Boulder Care - Digital treatment program that supports long-term recovery from opioid use - $10.5M round led by Tusk Ventures
  • LegalPad - Service pairing software with human support for work visas for startups - $10.2M round
  • The Renewal Workshop - Provider of circular solutions for apparel brands - $8.6M Series A

Seed Rounds 🌱

  • One More Game - Seattle game development studio - $5.7M Seed
  • iFlipd - Weekly textbook and game rentals for college students - $4.4M Seed led by Portland Seed Fund
  • Riipen - Career readiness platform for students and young professionals - $3.75M round
  • Taqtile - Augmented reality for industrial applications on headsets and mobile devices - $3M Seed led by Broadmark Capital
  • Spiral - Analytics platform for customer feedback - $2.4M Seed
  • Trainiac - Online personal training with real trainers - $2.2M Seed led by Curious
  • Volt - Personalized training plans that adapt to user feedback - $2.1M Seed
  • Shipium - Software for faster, more accurate delivery for online retailers - $2M Seed led by PSL Ventures
  • Growthplug - Healthcare practice platform to acquire new patients and automate front desk operations - $1M Seed led by Elevate Capital
  • Falkon AI - System of intelligence to define, understand, and improve metrics that matter - Seed led by Greylock and Trilogy

Some fun observations on this list:

  • Highspot just raised $60M in June, and six months later they’ve raised another $75M! Geekwire explains how that happens here
  • Fun to close out the 2010s with two VR/AR companies and a quantum computing company. We’ll see what happens to these two trends over the next decade
  • Almost all of the SaaS companies have something to do with healthcare, analytics, or automation

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