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Inc 5000 PNW

Last week, Inc published their list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the country. There were ~190 PNW companies on the list, which feels low, but most of the companies aren’t really “startups,” so it’s not as West Coast focused as a typical startup list.

Anyway, here are a couple interesting stories from the list and some fun PNW highlights:

  • OneTrust - #1, based in Atlanta. They acquired Seattle-based Integris earlier this year. The company was founded in 2016, they did $70M+ of revenue last year (wow), and the CEO is like 32 years old
  • Hunt a Killer - #6, based in Baltimore, but the CEO lives in Seattle. He and his cofounder put together a murder mystery event, and it was so much fun, they turned it into a subscription box. Last year they sold $27M+ of their subscription box
  • DefinedCrowd - #27 fastest growing company in the country and #1 in PNW! Inc didn’t do a full write-up, but here’s Geekwire’s story about their $50M Series B
  • Chom Chom Roller - the second fastest growing company in the PNW. Might be helpful for all of the people who have been adopting dogs!

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