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July 2019 Venture Deals

Here’s a roundup of PNW startups that announced new fundraising rounds in the month of July. Looks like VCs weren’t on vacation just quite yet!

Series B and Later Rounds 🚀

  • Remitly - payments service for international remittances - $135M Series E led by Generation
  • Icertis - enterprise contract management platform - $115M Series E led by Greycroft and Premji Invest
  • Amperity - customer data management platform (Madrona company!) - $50M Series C led by Tiger Global
  • Clinicient - EMR and billing software for therapists - $17.25M Series D
  • vCita - small business management software - $15M round led by Forestay
  • Balena - platform for managing fleets of IoT devices - $14.4M Series B led by OpenView
  • Sterifre Medical - products for sterilizing healthcare devices- $8M Series B

Series A Rounds 🛫

  • AppViewX - network infrastructure automation and orchestration - $30M Series A led by Brighton Park
  • Rival Technologies - conversational surveys for market research - $6.5M round
  • Deako - smart lighting products for homebuilders - $3.5M round led by Columbia Pacific

Seed Rounds 🌱

  • Lexion - intelligent contract management platform - $4.2M seed round led by Madrona (!)
  • Genneve - telemedicine service for menopause - $4M seed round led by BlueRun
  • Edge Delta - distributed analytics platform for DevOps - $3M seed round led by MaC VC and Amity Ventures
  • Krowdsourced - database for commercial construction products - $1.2M seed round led by Rogue
  • WattBuy - electricity marketplace for consumers - $1.2M seed round led by Powerhouse Ventures
  • Lamda - stealth analytics company - $1M seed round

A few observations from me on this list:

  • There is a great diversity of VCs investing in Seattle startups, from seed deals to $100M+ later stage rounds.
  • It also looks like certain investors are honing in on the PNW market. In the last three months, Tiger Global has invested in four local startups: Flexe, Karat, Zenoti, and Amperity.
  • There are a lot of “management platforms.” Companies that automate repetitive, time-consuming, or difficult processes to allow customers to focus on their core businesses are becoming very valuable.

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