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New PNW Reality Show

If you’ve finished Bridgerton and need a new show, check out Rival Peak. It’s a Survivor + Big Brother-style reality show set in the Pacific Northwest, and audience members can interact with their favorite contestants to help them win challenges and stuff.

But the crazy part is… the show runs 24/7 on Facebook Watch, and it’s possible because all of the contestants are “AIs.” Any time you want, you can jump in, zoom in on a character, help them out with challenges, and make decisions on what they do next. Then once a week, there is a recap with a real human host who reviews the highlights from the past week.

Honestly, Rival Peak is a bit boring right now, but the idea is super cool. Why should people only be able to watch (or bet on) football on Sundays if “digital players” can play 24/7? Rival Peak is the best example of an “AI” game/show so far, but Blaseball and Salty Bet are two other interactive games that got popular last year, and it’s fun to imagine what’s next.

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