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November 2020 PNW Venture Deals

Here are the PNW startups that announced new fundraising rounds in the month of November. These 24 companies raised more than $275M last month!

Series B and Later Rounds 🚀

  • Vooks - Library of read aloud animated storybooks - $22M round
  • Battlefy - Platform for managing esports events - $4.6M round

Series A Rounds 🛫

  • MacroHealth - Data-driven healthcare procurement solutions - $54M Series A
  • Umoja Biopharma - Integrated in vivo immunotherapy platform - $53M Series A led by MPM Capital and Qiming Venture Partners
  • Stackline - Online retail intelligence platform - $50M Series A led by Goldman Sachs
  • Bumped - Tools to reward customers with shares of stock - $35.4M Series A led by Canaan
  • Attunely - ML platform for receivables management - $9.4M Series A led by Framework
  • SkyHive - Enterprise workforce reskilling platform - $8M Series A led by AllegisCyber and Accenture
  • Vimly Benefit Solutions - SaaS platform for benefits administration - $6.8M round
  • WattBuy - Electricity management platform - $3.25M Series A led by Evergy Ventures

Seed Rounds 🌱

  • Elevāt - Cloud-based industrial IoT platform - $9.5M Seed led by D4
  • Solstice Innovations - Insurtech digital platform - $4.95M Seed
  • Lightfox Games - Developer of socially connected mobile games - $3.8M Seed
  • Joon - Teletherapy for young adults - $3.81M Seed led by Route 66
  • Quantum Pigeon - Premium messaging app for influencers - $2.2M Seed
  • Concure Oncology - Innovative treatment for breast cancer - $2M round
  • A Kids Book About - Publisher of kids books about challenging topics - $1.25M Seed
  • The House of LR&C - Ecommerce platform for sustainable consumer goods - $1.05M Seed
  • Plunk - Mobile app designed to help homeowners maximize their equity value - $1M Seed
  • Puffworks - Organic peanut butter puffs - $880K Seed
  • Veana Therapeutics - Developer of α-TEA-based cancer immunotherapies - $830K Seed
  • Arrived Homes - Rental home investment platform - $580K Seed
  • Muse - Productivity app intended to help people develop ideas - $560K Seed
  • Funl - End-to-end go-to-market data platform - $524K Seed

M&A and IPOs 💥

Thoughts and Observations 🧐

  • 🦄 New unicorn alert! Boise-based Cradlepoint, a provider of wireless edge solutions, was acquired for $1.1B last month. Founded in 2006, their last valuation was $414M in 2017
  • Not many later stage deals but some very big Series As, such as Stackline, which raised $50M from Goldman Sachs in its first outside capital raise
  • Great to see seed activity in core Seattle startup sectors like real estate (Arrived, Plunk) and gaming (Lightfox)
  • Russell Wilson launched a new company with Ciara and Christine Day (former CEO of Lululemon), The House of LR&C

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