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💯 Seattle tech talent is exceptional

According to CBRE’s (commercial real estate firm) latest report, Seattle has the best tech talent in the country - ahead of San Francisco! Vancouver has also been making big strides, going from 25th best overall market for tech talent last year to 12th this year.

Seattle’s exceptional tech talent is definitely a major reason all of these big tech companies are opening large offices in Seattle:

  • Facebook (5K employees today, 2K more in new SLU office)
  • Salesforce (3K+ employees between Salesforce and Tableau)
  • Google (3.4K employees today and up to 5K in new SLU office)
  • Apple (0.5K employees today; plans to grow to ~2K)

That’s a total of ~20K employees for just four companies. As a comparison point, Amazon and Microsoft each have ~50K employees in Washington, so these new Seattle “HQ2"s are going to have a big impact on the regional employment landscape.

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