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Seattle's top 18 enterprise startups

Is it just me or are LinkedIn listicles the new thing? (My theory is everyone that grew up reading Buzzfeed listicles on Facebook has grown up and graduated to LinkedIn.) In any case... here is the latest list of top enterprise startups to watch in Seattle:

Accolade - "healthcare concierge" service to help employees navigate healthcare benefits and resources

Algorithmia - artificial intelligence products and algorithms for companies to use for data science

Amperity - customer data platform that uses artificial intelligence to help users know who their customers are and make business decisions

Auth0 - cybersecurity software startup that manages user authentication and secures the login pages for large consumer and enterprise businesses
ExtraHop - cloud security and analytics startup that uses machine learning to analyze customer networks

Highspot - software that helps salespeople land customers by organizing and recommending the sales content most likely to help them win a deal

Icertis - platform to help customers manage contracts in the cloud and ensure those contracts comply with regulations and policies

Igneous - enterprise data management startup that helps customers manage the billions of files and petabytes of data in their datacenters

Integris Software - startup that helps companies manage customer information and ensure they are in compliance with privacy regulations

Outreach - sales automation startup that helps salespeople determine the best action to take with prospective customers

Pulumi - "infrastructure as code" platform that lets developers use regular familiar programming languages for cloud infrastructure

Moz - subscription software startup that sells marketing and marketing analytics software

Qumulo - hybrid cloud storage startup that helps customers manage data inside their own data centers and the cloud

Skilljar - customer training platform that helps companies onboard, engage and retain customers to improve customer adoption and retention rates

Skytap - cloud service that helps enterprise customers update their traditional, existing technologies into the modern era

Suplari - software that analyzes a company's spending, contracts, and supplier relationships to improve financial performance

Textio - augmented writing software intended to help customers write faster and more effectively

Zipwhip - software that enables companies to send and receive texts through existing fixed-line business numbers

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