Hey, I'm Dan! I invest in early-stage startups at Madrona and write the DL, a weekly newsletter about tech in the PNW

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Why the PNW startup market is 🔥🔥🔥

To kick off 2020, I wanted to recap some of the best articles on what’s going on in the Seattle and Pacific Northwest tech and startup ecosystems...


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

🤩 Thank you everyone for reading and supporting the DL! The first DL went out in June to 4 subscribers, and today this is going out to 888 of the PNW’s smartest, nicest, most good-looking, and successful people. 🎉


Top DL articles of 2019

In case you want to spend your holidays reading about tech stuff (no judgment!), here are some of the top DL articles from the last year.


Value creation and value capture - SR99 case study

Last week the Seattle Times reported that it costs $0.30 to collect $1.00 for the 99 Tunnel toll. Apparently, back when people collected physical money in tollbooths, collection overhead was 20-30%, so 30% is really bad.


Boeing's 737 MAX and what it means for AI

The 737 MAX investigation raises a lot of interesting questions about AI, so here is my two-minute summary of the situation and what it means for the future of automation: