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2010s - The Smartphone Decade

Did you know that the Uber, Instagram, FaceTime, and Netflix apps all launched in 2010? Spotify and WhatsApp also launched in 2009. What an insane couple of years (and decade) for VCs and startups focused on mobile.


2010s - Consumer vs. Enterprise Startups

Which makes more money - consumer or enterprise startups? Sapphire Ventures put together an interesting report looking at trends over the last decade. Here are the takeaways:


Seattle's latest unicorn - 3 years to $3.5B!

Seattle startups are known for being understated, but Assurance must be one of the stealthiest startups ever. Last week, they were acquired by Prudential for $3.5B, and I don’t think TechCrunch even wrote about the acquisition.


Startup success outside of Silicon Valley

Founder Collective put together an interesting analysis on the last ten years of software M&A and IPOs by geography (Jan 2009 - Aug 2019). Seattle got a nice ☕ emoji, and $50B of exit value over the last decade.


How to Sell a Company to Uber

Last week there were two acquisitions of autonomous vehicle startups. Apple bought Drive.ai, and Uber bought MightyAI (a Madrona portfolio company – woohoo!)