Hey, I'm Dan! I'm the CEO of Plus and a venture partner at Madrona. I write the DL, a newsletter about tech in the Pacific Northwest

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Real Estate

People Like Living in Seattle More Than SF

Based on anecdotal research and close observation of Zoom backgrounds, everyone without kids has left San Francisco to live in random places around the country. And here’s data from Zillow backing that up!


Real Estate Craziness

One of my pandemic hobbies is browsing Redfin and Zillow to see what kind of house I could buy if I didn’t live in downtown Seattle. Of course, everyone else had that idea, too, so home sales are going through the roof.


Seattle Tech Trends - What's Happening in Real Estate?

There is a lot of interest in real estate in Seattle, and over the last decade, Seattle has become a major center of real estate innovation and investment. Here are some of the trends we are seeing


Zillow, how much is this photo worth?

It’s hard to live in Seattle without seeing an article on home prices or artificial intelligence every day, but this article about Zillow is actually a cool demonstration of how much AI is changing the game