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Cool AI project - How to get free meals in NYC

Definitely a startup idea in here! Great post on how someone built an automated system to conquer Instagram and get free meals.


Equifax's other database

Last week, someone pointed me to Work Number, which is an amazing business I had never heard about before. Work Number is a database for employment and payroll data, and customers primarily use it to verify someone’s employment.


Great use of AI for marketing 👏

I love this marketing campaign that Ogilvy worked on for Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) - such a cool use of computer vision, Facebook data, and targeted ads. Here’s a summary of what they did:


1% Ideas

Businesses for the 1% are great. You don’t need to sell a lot of stuff to generate a lot of revenue, and you get to sell super cool stuff - like a four day astronaut training course that ends with a trip into space.