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V1 Guide to Marketplaces

Version One, a Vancouver-based VC, published the third edition of their Guide to Marketplaces, last week, and it’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in building and investing in marketplace businesses.


Should Companies Take Political Stands?

One interesting story from the last couple of weeks was Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s blog post stating that Coinbase is a “mission focused company” that will not engage in political causes and broader societal issues because the


How to Remote Work

Fast Company wrote an excellent article about the asynchronous, all-remote work style at Gitlab and their (amazing) 7,100 page employee handbook that makes remote work work.


Obsessed with Obsidian

Roam Research, which raised $9M at a $200M valuation, with $1M of ARR was one of the hottest VC deals this year. According to The Information, they were rejected by YC five times, but now they have 100K+ users, including people li


Remote Work Sucks -Reed Hastings

As everyone continues to rave about remote work, it was fun to read this interview with Reed Hastings on why he thinks remote work is “a pure negative.” Some highlights: