Hey, I'm Dan! I'm the CEO of Plus and a venture partner at Madrona. I write the DL, a newsletter about tech in the Pacific Northwest

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How to Ask Questions Like a VC

A few weeks ago, one of the local accelerators asked me if I had a list of questions to help startups prep for investor meetings. I didn’t have one ready, but I thought it would be a great idea to write one, so here’s my list...


The Mike Speiser Playbook

Kevin Kwok published a fascinating blog post last week on Mike Speiser, the VC at Sutter Hill Ventures who started Snowflake. If you haven’t heard his name before, you should definitely read this article.


Opendoor Investment Memo

Last week, I shared Bessemer’s investment memo for Shopify with notes on interesting parts of the memo. People seemed to like that, so here’s another VC investment memo!


Bessemer Investment Memos

VCs normally don’t share their investment memos, and the only “public” memo out there is Sequoia’s investment memo for YouTube’s seed round that was used as testimony in a lawsuit.


What It Takes to Become a Soonicorn

Last week, Forbes published a list of the 25 “Next Billion Dollar Startups.” What are the overall trends and stats for which companies made the list?