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ARK Big Ideas 2020

I really like ARK’s research reports because they do a good job analyzing markets from first principles (even though I sometimes disagree with their conclusions). Here’s a link to their 2020 report where they highlight 11 “Big Ideas” that are creating large-scale investment opportunities.

While most of the ideas aren’t really ground-breaking, it’s worth flipping through to understand why investors think these are such big markets. Here are some of the ones that jumped out at me because ARK had interesting, contrarian, or novel information:

  • Deep learning - AI models are getting trained with 10x more computing power each year (5x more than Moore’s Law)
  • 3D printing - 3D printing has lost a lot of investor interest, but it’s now at a “tipping point” because of real use cases in manufacturing
  • Digital wallets - digital wallet adoption is occurring 2x faster than social media; Venmo has more users than Chase or Bank of America

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