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Best New Amazon Product

So last week Amazon came out with a couple new products:

  • Amazon Fresh - a 35K sqft grocery store (3x larger than the Go grocery store) that uses a smart cart to do cashierless checkout. Amazon now has six different types of physical stores: Whole Foods, Fresh, and Go grocery stores, book stores, 4-star stores, and pop up stores
  • Amazon Halo - a new health and wellness wearable that tracks activity, sleep, body fat, and emotions (through your voice!). I think the voice aspect is creepy now, but my prediction is it will be totally normal (or totally illegal) in 10 years

But really, I’m looking forward to when Amazon announces drone ski resorts. Geekwire uncovered this patent filing for a drone-powered towing system for skiers, surfers, and skaters that can lift users in the air. Can’t wait to yell into my Halo for my Prime Air drone to take me up Mt. Amazon!

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