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Low Code / No Code / Honey Code 😍

Last week, Amazon released Honeycode, a new service that lets people build apps without writing code. (btw, check in with The DL’s favorite “VP in Purgatory” to get his take on the name)


Another weird name from Amazon

Amazon renamed KeyArena… and while Climate Pledge is a good name for an investment fund, it’s a weird name for an arena. Add your ideas on better names to Geekwire’s Twitter post. I’m a fan of AWS Hockey Availability Zone.


And on the second day...

Earlier this year, The Economist wrote an article on how Seattle is the new epicenter of the tech world as products and business models move away from ads towards subscriptions, e-commerce, and cloud infrastructure.


Inside an Amazon Distribution Center

The NY Times visited the Amazon fulfillment center in Kent to take a tour and see what measures the company has rolled out to protect employees from coronavirus, including a testing lab where employees will be tested for COVID eve


Best Way to Announce a New Job?

Geekwire wrote a couple of in-depth articles last week on Brian Hall, a marketing executive who left AWS to join Google Cloud. Basically, he left Amazon in March, started at Google in April, and Amazon filed a lawsuit alleging he