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How much money does Twitch make?

So we know that the highest paid YouTuber makes $25M+ per year (btw - he’s eight years old), and the biggest Twitch/Mixer streamer makes $1M per month, but how much does Twitch - the company - make?

Last week, The Information reported that Twitch brought in $230M of ad revenue in 2018 and $300M in 2019. Not bad - but the internal goal was $500-600M, so still a ways to go for Twitch to live up to expectations.

Interestingly, by the end of 2019, commerce (i.e., subscriptions) generated more revenue than ads, and for the full year 2020, Twitch is expecting to generate a total of $1B in advertising and commerce combined. Definitely a significant business but small compared to Amazon’s $10B+ marketplace advertising business.

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