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Black Lives Matter. There are so many powerful stories, essays, and videos to describe how the Black community feels right now, and it’s impossible to read and watch without feeling heartbroken and outraged.

This metaphor from White Fragility really resonated with me because it underscores why everyone needs to be anti-racist to make this moment a real turning point:

Take women’s suffrage. If being a woman denies you the right to vote, you ipso facto cannot grant it to yourself. And you certainly cannot vote for your right to vote. If men control all the mechanisms that exclude women from voting as well as the mechanisms that can reverse that exclusion, women must call on men for justice.

Fighting systemic racism is a massive and complex problem, but it starts with many individuals taking small steps towards personal accountability and action. Here are a few links to start learning, speaking up, and doing something about racism in our country.

For a longer list of anti-racism resources, here is the most popular doc being shared with links to more articles, videos, and podcasts.

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