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Trust Me 🙂

Who do Americans trust more than Amazon “to do the right thing?” Only their primary physicians and the military.

-Jeff Bezos’ statement for congressional antitrust hearing

According to the study Jeff Bezos cited, people trust Amazon more than the police, extreme weather warnings, and the US government. So would you trust them with your palm print?

Last week, Amazon announced Amazon One, which is a new technology that allows you to walk into a Go store and use your palm to identify yourself and check out. But some people are calling it insane because Amazon is storing your biometric data in their cloud.

Sadly, I don’t think most consumers will really care about the privacy and security issues. If it’s fast, easy, and available everywhere, people will love it. But… please tell me if giving Amazon my palm scan is a terrible idea because I really want to go try it out 😅

As a side note, last week Amazon also released Amazon Explore, which is an events and experiences marketplace similar to Airbnb Experiences. Kind of weird. Definitely less bullish on this one, but LMK if you try it out and what you think.

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