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+1 for Vancouver! 🦄

PNW startups are pretty understated relative to their Bay Area peers. So it’s amazing to see a ~$20B company in Vancouver (WA) go public with so little fanfare that Techcrunch wrote, “The ZoomInfo IPO slipped through our fingers i


Inside an Amazon Distribution Center

The NY Times visited the Amazon fulfillment center in Kent to take a tour and see what measures the company has rolled out to protect employees from coronavirus, including a testing lab where employees will be tested for COVID eve


Best Way to Announce a New Job?

Geekwire wrote a couple of in-depth articles last week on Brian Hall, a marketing executive who left AWS to join Google Cloud. Basically, he left Amazon in March, started at Google in April, and Amazon filed a lawsuit alleging he


Learn, Speak Up, Do Something

Black Lives Matter. There are so many powerful stories, essays, and videos to describe how the Black community feels right now, and it’s impossible to read and watch without feeling heartbroken and outraged.


Zoom Crushes; Bill Gurley Called It in 1994

Zoom hosted their Q1 earnings call last week, and they announced $328M in revenue - compared to analyst estimates of $202M. Apparently, this is the largest beat vs. consensus estimates in the history of enterprise software.


May 2020 PNW Venture Deals

Here are the PNW startups that announced new fundraising rounds in the month of May. These 18 companies raised ~$340M last month!


What It Takes to Become a Soonicorn

Last week, Forbes published a list of the 25 “Next Billion Dollar Startups.” What are the overall trends and stats for which companies made the list?


Microsoft Build Highlights

Microsoft hosted their annual developer conference, Build, as a 48 hour virtual event last week. You can watch all the keynotes and sessions here on-demand and read their announcement summaries here.


How to Sabotage Your Company

One of my favorite “mental models” is inversion. When you’re making a decision, instead of figuring out how to do something, figure out all the things you shouldn’t do and avoid them.


Vogue x Amazon

Wow - fashion in Seattle! Vogue x Amazon is a real collab! A couple weeks ago, they launched “Common Threads,” an Amazon storefront to support independent American designers who have been impacted by COVID.